Don’t bother packing, spiders… you are not invited.

Spiders started to take over the trailer a few months ago.

I was home alone one day, when I got a phone call. It was from someone who needed to discuss something that was actually important… but I didn’t hear most of the conversation, because when I stood up to answer the phone, I saw a huge spider in my window. It was one of those very fat, black ones that moves way too quickly for how fat it is. When I got off the phone, I called Jonathan to see if he’d be home soon. He wouldn’t. Then I text my brother to see if he was nearby. He wasn’t. I was on my own. I determined that the spider was outside (THANK. GOODNESS.) but I still felt like it could easily make it’s way inside… this trailer is anything but airtight, after all. I know that for a fact because my bread molds in like 24 hours if I don’t keep it in the fridge.

I went outside to try to find the spider, but it had vanished. Throughout the rest of the day, it would appear and disappear every few minutes… and I couldn’t figure out where it went.

It happened several more times over the next few weeks… spiders of various sizes running around outside my windows… but I could never find them outside. Until last week. A particularly large one was running along the outside of the house when I got home from work… and when he saw ME, he ran to his hiding spot… UNDERNEATH the siding on the outside of the trailer. Which leads me to believe… there is a WHOLE spider world living and working all along the outside of this trailer, between the walls and the siding. There may be a whole spider New York City just a few inches from me right now! (That spider, by the way, got an entire bucket of mop water thrown at him a little later when he showed himself again… I hope he didn’t survive that, but who knows. They are freakishly resilient).

I can live with spiders outside my house. I do NOT like it, but I can live with it. Just so they don’t come inside for a visit. But then a few days ago, one jumped into my purse just as I was reaching to pick it up. And then another one was on my kitchen sponge when I picked it up to wash some dishes. In both cases, Jonathan was home and I frantically calmly alerted him by flinging waving my arms around, leaping in circles doing a graceful dance, and screaming singing, “THERE IS A SPI- A SPI- A SPIDER! A SPIDER! IT’S THERE! IT RAN! A SPIDER! A BIG ONE! A SPI-SPI-SPIDER!”

Just so you know, the purse spider got smashed (there are spider guts on the outside of my purse now) and the sponge spider experienced a violent being-flung-across-the-sink-and-drowning death.

But those spiders have FAMILIES, and the families are living in Spider NYC and Spider Boston and Spider Chicago outside the walls of our trailer, and I’m sure they’re coming for me. It’s SO uncomfortable.

So, it’s a good thing that we are going to be moving soon. YESS, moving. Into our new house, which is not so new, but we are making new!


This is our living room! I have “before” pictures to share now… of course, “after” pictures will come later.




Master bedroom


2nd bedroom




3rd bathroom – we are turning this into a laundry room/small bathroom


Entry way/mudroom

blog-006Dining room & kitchen!

Woohoo! We have already done a lot of electrical work (and when I say “we,” I mean a lot of people OTHER than me) and we have some plumbing to do. We are replacing ALL floors, painting everything, totally replacing the kitchen, and lots more. Some “in-progress” pics:


Tearing up flooring


Tearing up the kitchen



The best part is that the house is about 6 minutes from where we live now. So there are no major additions to driving time ANYWHERE. It actually has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, but we are making one bedroom into an office. It has a nice, big backyard… with a LIME TREE.

So! Hopefully I can update as we go on. Obviously, I have not been blogging much……. let’s see if this gives me motivation to fix that. =)



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