Anna Grace

So… the best laid plans don’t always work out…

Yesterday morning when we woke up we had emails saying that Misty was at the hospital, and Anna was on the way. That afternoon J and I pulled up in the parking lot of a hotel in Watson Lake, YT. They had wifi, so we hooked up and called a couple members of J’s family for updates.

Anna Grace McMath was born yesterday morning between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. She was 4 lbs, 11 oz, and from the picture we saw, she looked like her older sister, Abby. She was beautiful. She lived for a few hours, and it seems like the family was able to spend some really good time with her.

We hit the road hard, somehow thinking that if we drove faster we would be able to make it back in time for something. We canceled our hotel for that night in Ft. Nelson to one in Ft. St. John, adding about 3 1/2 hours to our trip in order to get just a little bit closer. We figured out that if we drove 15-16 hour days, we could be home by Saturday afternoon… but that is pretty much the earliest we could realistically make it.

This morning we learned that the funeral for Anna is going to be the end of this week, and there is just absolutely no possible way for us to make it. Quite frankly, the long days we’ve been doing aren’t safe to keep up… not in these conditions. The roads are pretty bad, they are randomly slick because of melting snow and ice, and, as strange as this sounds to us Alabamians… there are buffalo everywhere and they are hard to see at night in the middle of the highway.

So, for now (since our plans seem to change every single day, I think “for now” is a good disclaimer to use), our plan is to go back to our semi-original plan. We are going to slow down a bit and make the trip a little bit longer and safer. We should be home around April 3rd, still.

J and I definitely feel a big loss at not being able to meet Anna during the little window she was with us on earth. Members of the family keep referring to the book Heaven is For Real. The book circulated our ranks last summer, and there were a lot of laughs and tears as we all made our way through it. It’s definitely helping to give us all some kind of an image of Anna in heaven, with the other members of the family that are already there.

Please keep the whole family in your prayers, still.



  1. Lacey,

    I hate that y’all couldn’t make it back but I’m glad y’all are going back to your “safer” plan – ‘for now’ anyway. Will be praying for you both and for Anna Grace and her family, too.

    Love y’all!

  2. Sweet Lacey and Jonathan,

    We did not realize you were trying to make it back by Saturday afternoon in hopes of making it for the service. We simply thought it was an impossibility for you to make it back before the middle of next week. I am glad you have slowed down. We want you here with us, but nothing would be gained by your being injured on the way. You two are so special, and I know that Anna Grace will be thrilled to meet you in heaven. She was (and is) so perfect. Just wait until you see all the pictures and video. We can’t wait to share with you all these things and more. We love you and will pray for your safe journey home.

    1. Oh, it’s fine, Misty. =) We are keeping you in our prayers… can’t wait to see all of you, and the photos and video of Anna. I know she was beautiful.

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