A rapid change of plans.

A quick update on life:

Most of you know about J’s brother, Joey, and his wife, Misty. They are expecting a baby, but there have been some complications. You can read about it at Misty’s blog: carryinganna.wordpress.com It’s definitely worth reading, by the way. Misty is an absolutely fantastic writer, and you can not read it without crying… but don’t let that stop you from doing it!!

Anyway, it’s looking like Anna will be born soon… who knows how soon, but definitely soon. We felt a very strong need to at least try to be home by then… even if we can’t be, we wanted to do our best. So we made some very quick arrangements so that we could leave about a week early. We decided on Saturday to start working towards leaving, and Sunday morning (yesterday) we confirmed our decision. We spent all day yesterday packing and cleaning and such, and hit the road this morning at about 11:00 Glennallen time! Tonight we’re staying in Whitehorse, YT, Canada… and we should be back in sweet home Alabama by April 3rd!

So, please pray for safety for us… we are traveling through melty snow and slush and nastiness and stuff. And pray for Joey & Misty & Anna… and that if it’s God’s will, we’ll make it in time. Thanks!


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