(Almost) on the road again…

The countdown has begun!

17 days until we hit the road for Sweet Home Alabama… and something like 28 days until we get there. Not too bad, eh? (I’m practicing for the drive through Canada…)

For a while I thought I may have to pack some tissues to help pick up the pieces of my husband as we drove out of Glennallen… or at least a cooler of snow to help him feel better as we approached the south. He has gotten awfully attached to the stuff. But yesterday morning he woke up to a temperature of 28 below (“outrageous, temperatures like this in March!”), and then he had to drive to work in a freezing cold car. He was told tales of people wearing shorts and sweating in south Alabama… and suddenly, I think he will be just fine as we head that way.

Last week (or the week before that, I’m not really sure when), we sent a Really Big Box ahead of us. It weighs a lot, and it is rather large. Hopefully it will help our car have some extra wiggle room in it for the drive home… the journey up here was just a little cramped; enough to make any sane person want to live in the middle of an open field for about a week. The Really Big Box should make it to my parents’ house a couple weeks before us (I wrote a poem on the side for you guys!). Packing it up made me realize that we really are going back… really, for real! And then I realized that we will be leaving the perfect little house that we’ve been living in for our first six months of marriage, and I got a little sad.

But THEN, my father-in-law sent us a picture of our nephew with his cheesy little grin, and I decided that hanging out with him is much more important than this house.

Alabama, here we come!


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