Rudolph & Co. are on vacation.

Welcome to North Pole, Alaska.
Cutest town ever. They take their name seriously.

Most of the streets have Christmas-themed names. The lamp posts are candy canes.
So are the sign posts…Even McDonald’s gets in on it.
And yes, Santa Claus DOES live here.
This is his house. It is very large, and grand, and adorable on the outside. We really wanted to go INSIDE, but it is only open on the weekends. We were heartbroken to find this out… as were our niece and nephews, who were counting on us passing along Christmas wishes in person.
I shouted their wishes to this GIANT SANTA that was outside, but I don’t know if he passes such things along to the real Santa.

Everything is permanently decorated for Christmas… the Wendy’s we ate at had stockings and lights up all over the place.

Super cool.


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