Last year, close to this time, a friend and I decided to collaborate on our big project for our Media Ministries class. We tossed around ideas for a really long time, then settled on one: a choose-your-own-adventure movie. It seemed nuts, and it pretty much was.
We decided to shoot in my hometown, over Spring Break. We got four actors from my church (one of them, my brother), and began collecting props and help from around school. We ended up with a wonderful crew, all who were willing to commit that week of their lives to helping us. We borrowed equipment from awesome people who were willing to donate to the cause. We got two more crew members from home (one of them my fiance… yes, he did have a choice in the matter. 😉

Before we could shoot, we had to write. I can’t tell you the number of drafts we went through… the number of whiteboards we covered in notes and writing… the flowcharts we pumped out. OH, the flowcharts! It was a million times more complex and confusing than I ever expected.

The week of shooting was a massive hoot. That’s the only way to describe it. We all crashed at my house. My mom fed us. We shot at my aunt & uncle’s house. It was one of the most exhausting and one of the most fun weeks of my college career.
Our crew was amazing. They stuck with us through every bit of it. And our cast was amazing… we put them through the ringer, but they stayed with it.

All that to say, it was a full semester of working on that project. And finally… finally… as of this week, we have it up on the internet where the whole world can see it.
I hope you have a good internet connection, if you choose to watch it… since it’s a choose-your-own-adventure, it takes navigating through several episodes, each of which needs to be individually loaded. BUT, it’s worth it. So, without further ado, here is the beginning… a very good place to start. =) (credits can be found in the information at the end of the story… no matter what ending you get. But I’ll put them at the end of this post, too, in case you don’t get that far… because all of these people deserve a million kudos.)

Directed by:  JP Hartline
Written by:  JP Hartline, Lacey Hochstetler
Original Music by:  Shell Enns, JP Hartline

Sam:  Caleb Hochstetler
Chris:  Brandon Beachy
Brittany:  Victoria Eady
Mom:  Sherrie Hursh

1st Assistant Director:  Seth Van Der Eems
Director of Photography:  Lacey Hochstetler
Camera Assistant:  Morgan Irish
Lighting and Audio:  Luke Patton
Audio Assistant:  Christian Swartzentruber
Production Assistant:  Jonathan McMath
Set Design:  Daniel Weinert
Script Supervisor:  Kelsey Lynn
Craft Services:  Carol Hochstetler
On-Set Chaplain:  Morgan Irish
Editing:  JP Hartline, Lacey Hochstetler

Special Thanks To
Leonard Hursh
Harold and Rhoda Weldy
Jim and Carol Hochstetler
Mary Beachy
Jennifer Hartline
Madison Irish
Doug Smart
Joshua Overbay
AJ Beachy
Caleb McDaniel


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  1. Ahh I love it! You were awesome! Getting ready to help JP with Todd’s film soon. If it wasn’t for Choices I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. And you wouldn’t have had the gaff tape you needed 😉

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