R.I.P. Freezer Puppy

Holy cow, it’s cold outside.

And holy cow, I couldn’t even remember how to get to my blog to put up a new post.

Sad, huh?

In case you didn’t know, everything went through as planned and I got married. Yep, it actually happened. It’s strange how you can plan and plan and plan and rearrange and change plans and then plan some more for one day of your life, then you lie awake the night before that day thinking about your whole life up to that point and then wonder about your life after that point, then the day is here, then about 8 hours later it’s all over.

It is HARD to get out of wedding mode! I would wake up in the morning thinking, “What do I need to do today? Think about flowers? Take someone to a tux fitting? Make mints?” and then realize that I didn’t have to do ANY of that… and it was startling. All that was left was working my way through a huge pile of thank you notes, which is not very thrilling and certainly less entertaining than making flower girl baskets (anything not involving spray paint and ribbon is less entertaining than making flower girl baskets).

Anyway, the wedding happened, and it was wonderful and awesome and super super fun, and may I just say that the bridal party had amazing footwear? You can see pictures of everything either on my facebook page, or here.

After the wedding, I got sick, and then Jonathan got sick, and we both stayed sick for a while. Then we got in a car and drove to Alaska, which took a really long time but was a lot of fun. There are pictures and stuff of that on my facebook as well. =)

Jonathan is working at KCAM, a radio station, and he likes it quite a lot. I am working at the Caribou Hotel, which is fairly entertaining and certainly gives me good stories to tell my mom on the phone.

Just the other night, my husband and I had… not a fight, but a heated debate… about toenails. He clipped his toenails in our living room, which, to me, is one of the greatest hygiene-related offenses anyone could commit. I have a fear of toenails… they are gross and disgusting and come off of peoples’ feet, which I strongly dislike. I am of the belief that toenails are to be clipped in the bathroom, over a trashcan, with the door shut- just in case some of them should try to jump out of the trashcan and escape into another part of the house. Upon finishing, the floor should be surveyed for stray clippings and then if any are found, they should be very carefully and tediously picked up with the very tips of your fingers and deposited into the trashcan. Then the can should be shaken to knock the whole mess to the bottom, to be hidden and forgotten about forever.

Apparently, in the whole 2-year Getting-To-Know-You portion of our relationship, I failed to convey the strength of my feelings on this matter to Jonathan, and the poor naive man had the audacity to bring toenail clippers to the LIVING ROOM, while sitting on the couch BESIDE me.

The day after this incident, I found a pile of toenail clippings on a nightstand in a room I was cleaning at the hotel. I hope God got a kick out of that, because I didn’t.

Surely we didn’t make this great journey all the way to Alaska only to have stories about toenail clippings, right? Good news… I also have a kitchen appliance story!

One morning last week, Jonathan and I awoke to discover that a puppy had been mortally wounded and stuffed in our freezer. We couldn’t actually seem to lay eyes on the puppy, but we could certainly hear it. It was NOT happy about being in our freezer, and it was yelping and screeching and making lots of terrible sounds.

A few hours later, the sounds stopped. Which naturally meant that the puppy had died… but so had our freezer.

After a couple of days we realized that the food in our fridge was not as cold as it should be. Thankfully, we discovered that Alaska Bible College was responsible for fixing it (we live on campus, in family housing). So, Jonathan made a phone call and was assured that someone would make a visit to our home while we were gone, and the fridge would be repaired.

That afternoon we both made it home and opened the fridge to see if it was cold. It was… because it was an entirely different fridge. I am very impressed at the speed that the maintenance man works, because he replaced that thing within a couple hours of finding out it was dead. Bravo!

In other news, it has snowed a lot since we got here, and I’ve heard there is more to come. You might have to come dig me out of here in about a month, because I don’t have warm enough clothes to handle this.


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