I now know the exact dimensions of a Chevy Cobalt.

One time, my friend Rylee & I bought bookshelves… and then discovered they were too big to fit in my car.
I seem to have a bad habit of doing things like that.

The other day, I went on a trip with a friend to Lowe’s. This friend and I are working with a large group of people on a very exciting project, and we needed supplies for it.
“All we need is some 10′ PVC pipe and a 4’x4′ piece of plywood!” Daniel told me.
“Daniel, have you SEEN my car?” I asked.

The options were discussed… buy 5′ PVC pipe and connect it together… but 5′ pipe was more expensive. Who knew.
I DO have a sunroof… but I felt like driving down Highway 27 with 5 feet of PVC pipe sticking out of my roof would not be looked upon kindly by law enforcement.
We could buy the 10 feet of pipe and cut it in half right there at Lowe’s…. but it seemed a bit involved.

“Well,” said J.P., another member of this plan. “My back seat lays down… and my trunk is five feet across. So everything should fit. You can drive my car!”
And so, we took off in J.P.’s car.

I dropped Daniel off at Lowe’s and made a trip to Walmart, returning just in time to pull up in Lowe’s loading dock as Daniel exited. And then, we encountered problem number one.

(if I had sound effects, I would insert some of a cell phone ringing in here.)
“Hi, Lacey.”
“We can’t figure out how to lay your back seat down!”
“Oh, right. Well… did you open the trunk.”
“We are in the trunk. Almost literally.”
“Okay… see the T-shaped handles that are right inside the trunk?”

I looked around, and found myself face-to-face with the most obvious handles in the world, which of course had been overlooked before.
“Pull them.”
I did, and with a little coaxing by Daniel, the seats laid flat.

We slid the 10′ PVC pipes in through the trunk, and up into the car… between the seats… onto the dash… and against the windshield. Ladies and gentlemen, I can not stress enough how perfectly, exactly 10-feet long JP’s car is.

Next was the piece of plywood… the 4’x4′ piece of plywood.
Too bad JP’s trunk is NOT 5′ wide… more like 3 1/2′ wide.
We stood behind the car, a board beside us, staring at the trunk, contemplating how on earth we were going to get this board inside the car.
Putting it in the front was the only option. And so, since JP has a two-door car, we leaned the driver’s and passenger’s seats forward.
It took quite a bit of twisting and bending and crawling inside the car and leaning and laughing before we finally… FINALLY… got the board inside the car… for the most part.
The problem was that it was squeezed partway into the back seat, as far as it could go; but the front of it was leaning against the backs of our seats, and there was no way our seats were going to sit up.
So, we got in the car, shut the doors (with Daniel’s window open, so one corner of the board could stick out), and drove home leaning forward, and praying that we would not get in a wreck.

It was an unfortunate surprise, when we got back to school, to find that the board was going to be even more difficult to get OUT of the car than it was to get IN the car.
After a LOT more twisting and bending and scraping and laughing, it popped out, though. It left behind a lot of sawdust in JP’s backseat and a cut on Daniel’s finger, but it was here.


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