An SOS to all mechanics:

Whew… it has been a long time since I’ve been able to talk with you guys. It’s been pretty crazy lately, and I haven’t gotten a chance to get a hold of Lacey’s computer… thank goodness she left it with me for a little bit while she ran into that store. I think she’s buying coffee… she always buys coffee, and she always complains that she has to buy the little cups because my cup holders are too small for the big ones. It’s not like I can help it. Besides, she doesn’t need the big cups… when she drinks the big cups of coffee, she gets hyper, and when she gets hyper, she sings while she drives, and we definitely don’t want that to happen.

The good news is that it is warming up here. It’s been SO COLD for the last few months. All the snow would fall and bury me, and then Lacey would have to come dig me out. She never did a very good job, either… she’d leave chunks of snow stuck to the top of me, and it would fly off as she drove down the road. Entertaining for her, but uncomfortable for me, and the cars behind me on the road would give me dirty looks. The ice was the worst, though… talk about uncomfortable. Try having huge sheets of ice stuck to YOUR windshield for days at a time. It was COLD. AND my heater was broken, so Lacey was uncomfortable, too.
And when my doors would get frozen shut… oh man. One time I thought Lacey was going to break off one of my door handles because she was pulling so hard. I was very concerned for a while. And the hot water she’d pour on me to get them open didn’t exactly improve my mood.

But now, it’s getting warm and I have no ice on me. And there’s no ice on the ground to slip on, either! But one of my locks appears to be broken; something is wrong with it, because it won’t unlock. It’s Lacey’s door, too, and now she always has to walk around the car and open the passenger’s door first before she can get in me. I’ve tried to fix it, but it’s just stuck. Maybe all the ice ruined it. So sad. And I heard it’s supposed to get cold again next week… I really hope that’s not true, because I can’t handle much more coldness.

I’ve tried to go back to Alabama, that place where it’s so much warmer. Every once in a while Lacey drives towards that road- Highway 33, the really curvy, windy, scary one- and I think we’re going to Alabama, because that’s the way home. But she always ends up turning off before we get there, and I get really sad. One night, when it was especially icy and cold and the streets were really slick, I decided to just pull her towards that road and maybe get the idea in her head… I slid down the hill and in the right direction, but she stopped me and made me turn around. Bummer.

At least I get out more this semester than I did before. Three times a week we go to this place called Alltech, in the afternoon. It’s a really big building with lots of cars parked outside. I’m not sure what Lacey always does there, but she always dresses really nice before we go, and she has this new ID badge thing hooked to her keys with her name on it. I think it’s connected to Alltech. Anyway, we are usually there for about 3-4 hours on those days, and she looks pretty happy when she comes out of there… as long as they keep her happy enough to distract her from being frustrated about my lock, I don’t care why we go there.

Also, every single Saturday Lacey and this girl named Beracah get in me and we go to downtown Lexington. I like driving in downtown Lexington; there are lots of other cars to meet, and lots of chances to get to know them since the stoplights last so long down there. Anyway, we park in front of this little coffee shop every Saturday, and Lacey and Beracah go inside and don’t come out for hours. Sometimes I can see them through the window; they get coffee and sit down and read, and when they come out they are all bleary eyed and tired and ready to do something fun, so then sometimes we go to the movie theater.. which is kind of scary. One time we went to a movie at that place and someone broke my window and took Lacey’s purse out of me. That hurt, and was really, really scary, and I had to have a garbage bag stuck to me for a couple of days. I hope that doesn’t ever happen again.

I think Lacey will be back out soon, so I need to go. I hope I get a chance to share more later- I’m afraid my days are numbered. I’ve turned on some red lights on Lacey’s dash to let her know that I need some things taken care of, but she hasn’t acknowledged them yet. One day I’ll just fall apart and she’ll regret it. Just wait.

Until next time.



One comment

  1. Poor Klunker… Lacey, you should really watch out! The Klunker can write almost as good as you! 😉
    Loved the story!

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