It’s Friday night… and there’s so much to do.

Friday nights always present a quandry: what shall we do?

After a long week, we all just want to do something relaxing… but the options (or, really, lack thereof) are so overwhelming, it is hard to settle upon a solution.

This weekend was no exception. Granted, we had Artist Series as an option- a concert event held a couple times a year on campus. You dress up, you go out… it’s a very common first-date activity choice for the gentlemen on campus.  The problem is that when we go, we go as a group… no dates here. Also, you have to dress up, which is just a pain.

We made a list of possibilities. It looked like this (but in much worse handwriting):

  • Go to Artist Series
  • Go to Artist Series for ten minutes (in jeans) and then leave
  • Stargazing
  • Dig a hole to China (make popcorn to take along)
  • Invent a new Sharpie product
  • Tazer Tag
  • Dumpster diving
  • Not study (this was later crossed out by Beracah, who insisted that this was insinuated throughout the whole list. Whatever)
  • Go to Ikea (a long drive)
  • Go to Cincinnati (potential bad traffic)
  • Go to the Dollar Theater (do not leave purses in the car… it’s irresponsible)

The list was intense…. how would we ever choose? Finally, we made a decision. Maple Bacon Popcorn and a movie.

Maple Bacon Popcorn, you ask? Did I read that wrong?

No, you did not!

Maple Bacon Popcorn is a recipe that Kelsey found online… from Joy the Baker’s website (Joy the Baker is her hero right now… and rightfully so!)

How do you make Maple Bacon Popcorn, you ask?

Well, you could click on the link I posted up there… or you could keep reading this post. I recommend you do the first if you actually intend to make the popcorn. It would just be wise.

First, you have to get a Daniel. A Daniel can be replaced with almost any other human who is a professional Bacon-Maker… just make sure that they are excited about it, and have a very cute apron.

The Bacon-Maker shall then turn this:

into this:

by doing this:

(make sure you save the bacon grease)

You then chop the bacon into small pieces, and mix it with maple syrup.

THEN, you pop the popcorn, IN the bacon grease, with sugar and salt:

And THEN, you pour it all in a bowl, and you add the bacon and maple syrup mixture:

And you have…

Maple Bacon Popcorn!

It’s amazing… really. I can’t even describe to you the goodness that that pink bowl contains. It will fix a bad day, it will put a spring in your step, and it will give you heart failure at a young age!

As Daniel and I ate our way through the bowl, we found that the less popcorn there was in the bowl, the more… greasy… and sticky… we felt. But it was so incredibly delicious, we had to keep going. Even as our arteries began to clog, our hearts became lighter, and we couldn’t stop. As Daniel so eloquently put it:
“It’s like eating a maple bacon brick! It’s SO GOOD, and so…. heavy!”



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