But please be gentle!

“Lacey…. Lacey!”

The squeaky voice made me stop for a moment. I thought I recognized it, but where was it coming from?
I fully entered my dorm room, and dropped my backpack on the floor.

“Lacey… Lacey!”


I looked around. The only other thing with a mouth in the room was my roommate… and she was in the corner, getting ready for bed. The voice resembled hers, but she didn’t appear to be talking.

“Lacey… we’re dirty!”

The dishes!
The pile of dirty dishes…. two plates, a cookie pan, a huge pile of silverware and a ridiculous amount of mugs. This is where the voice appeared to be coming from.

“Lacey… wash us! We like it when you wash us. You do such a good job!”

I glanced at my roommate, wondering if she was witnessing this phenomenon… could she hear the dishes, too?
No, she seemed to be oblivious. You would think she would notice it, especially since the voice so strongly resembled hers… just a little more high-pitched than normal.

“You do such a better job than Beracah. Please wash us, Lacey! Please! Look… we are even all piled up on top of a tray, so it will be easy to carry us all at once!”

I looked at the dishes again. “I see that,” I told them. “The dish soap even managed to get out of its drawer and come sit with you guys.”

“Yes, it did!” The dishes informed me. “Please wash us! We’ve been waiting for forever!”

I heard the door open and close, and looked around. My roommate had left the room. I turned back to the dishes, and put my hands on my hips. “Can you guys wait until I brush my teeth?”


Apparently the discussion was over. I gathered up the pile and made my way down the hall to the sink.

Fifteen minutes later, I re-entered our room, where my roommate was already in bed.

“Thank you!” said the dishes in their squeaky voice.

“You’re welcome,” I told them.


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