Oldness and newness.

1. Fell off the face of the earth.

2. Went on a trip to Jupiter.

3. Got really really busy.

Of those three possibilities, number two is certainly my preference for a reason to not blog.
Unfortunately, number three is the real reason.

I find myself back at Asbury with lots of classes, tons of projects, chasing down an internship, and with numerous other responsibilities piled on that I seem to have picked up here and there. I am a T.A.G. (Transitions and Guidance) Leader this year, for instance. T.A.G. is a fantastic program that splits new students up into small groups when they first get to Asbury. The groups go through orientation together, have activities together all semester, and eat dinner together once a week. It’s a really, really good way to get to know other students and adjust to life here. Me and my partner (the fantastic Tyler) are leading a group of 35, all transfer students. It has been SO much fun to get to know them, and to watch them get to know each other- and I have learned quite a bit about what it means to be a leader, a partner, and a host in the process.

It has been absolutely wonderful to be back on the same soil as my “Asbury family,” too. The trips to Main & Maple, walks through Wilmore, and even time just spread out in a living room, studying, has all been wonderful. This semester has already been quite different because we are all in different situations – most of us have taken on much more responsibility (Resident Assistants, TAG Leaders, and editors of the yearbook), plus everyone is getting into more intense classes, so we can’t spend as much time together as we did last semester. It just helps remind me that in a year, it’s very likely that we will all be in the same place for the last time. It makes this time seem more precious than ever.

Classes? Oh yes, those are the real reason while I’m here. I’m loving my classes, truthfully. The only “non-major” classes I have are Christian Theology and Photography I, but it feels like Photo I might as well be a Media Comm class. I’m enjoying the work in my classes, and I like my professors – my Christian Theo prof is a funny man who likes to tell stories about his wife’s cats, and my Graphic Design prof has the most distracting beard in the world. The other three are great as well, and this semester seems like it’s going to be very full, a little overwhelming, but lots of fun.

And the weather? Dear Alabamians, I only wish you could be here to enjoy it with me. I couldn’t help but marvel last night… I stepped out of the movie theater at 11:30 pm, into cool, crisp air that demanded a jacket but didn’t insist on a scarf or hat yet. It feels so unbelievably wonderful. There’s already the promise of autumn in the air, and it won’t be long until all of the leaves are orange and the semi-circle looks like a painting.

Life has begun to resume a pattern; getting up at the same time every day, walking the same sidewalks to the same classes to sit by the same people and listen to the same professors… making my way to the same caf to eat the same food at the same table. There’s a newness to it as well, though… there were a few new classrooms to find, and a few new professors to get to know. There are some new faces showing up at our dinner table, and new people to sit by in chapel three times a week. There are new people to smile at on the sidewalks, and new dorm rooms to visit. I’m in a different residence hall, so I even have new stairs to run up and down every day. All of the T.A.G. leaders have become great friends, so I have a whole new set of people to spend time with and make late-night trips to Applebees with, and I have a new T.A.G. group to eat with and plan movie nights with.

I think that’s all for now. You should just come visit me, really.


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