There are no aliens on Pensacola Beach.

Can you say busy week?

Busy week.

The excitement began last Monday, when I took off with Jonathan for a fun-filled week of fun…. because what else would fun-filled weeks be filled with?
We went to Dogwood, a wonderful little place in Andy where his parents often go for weekends. It’s a little house on a little lake surrounded by a big forest-type-thing, full of trails and paths and exciting animals. We went fishing, shot turtles, swam with his nephew, and had other grand adventures together. His mom’s shrimp gumbo is some of the best food in the world, by the way.
We ate Chinese food, played a thrilling game called Board Rook with his parents, and we made Kelsey’s Amazing Chicken Sandwiches for lunch one day. It was fantastic.
We had Life Lessons with Ian, Jonathan’s three-year-old nephew; (“we are all human beings. All of us.”), Driving Lessons with Ian (“when you get to 80, the policeman gets you!”), and Nutrition Lessons with Ian (“these little trees [broccoli] sure taste good, and they are good for you! You should eat some!”). It was fantastic.
On Wednesday, Jonathan, his parents and I traveled to Gantt Lake, which is, in fact, a lake. We rode jet skis and went tubing- which, by the way, was immensely entertaining since neither of us had gone tubing in years.
On Thursday, a momentous occasion occurred. Jonathan and I officially survived one year together. I don’t know how, but we did. To celebrate, we returned to Gantt Lake where we jet skied some more, tubed some more, got some minor sunburns, had a fantastic picnic lunch, and went house shopping. (We didn’t really go house shopping. But I did pick one out, just in case. I wouldn’t mind at all living on a lake.)

The whole week was super fun… it was great to hang out with Jonathan’s family… or at least, some of it.

On Thursday evening we came back home… and got right back in the vehicle Friday morning to go to Pensacola Beach with my parents. We all went to a condo for the weekend, to hang out and watch the Blue Angels fly. That was also super fun- although I’m not a huge fan of saltwater, and saltwater with little specks of oil floating in it is even less appealing, I didn’t mind too much. It’s been a long time since my whole family was together, under one roof, and with Jonathan there it was even better. We swam, of course, and found two boogie boards alone, floating on the beach, so we gladly claimed them and gave them a new home.

One of the best parts of the weekend… Jonathan learning to play Poker. I do not play poker. I don’t like poker. It doesn’t really make sense to me. But Josh and Caleb both love it, so teaching Jonathan was the natural thing to do. The three of them played for hours… and hours… and hours. Late Friday night, they were STILL playing poker and Tyler was in my bed watching TV (I had the sofa-bed, which was in the room with the TV). Not wanting to interrupt them, I crawled into Jonathan’s bed and went to sleep, around 11:00 pm (Jonathan had an air mattress in the living room). About an hour or so later, Jonathan woke me up and sent me to my bed, which Tyler had finally vacated.

I slept very soundly, but was a little shocked when lights suddenly started flashing, alarms were going off, and a man’s voice started yelling at me. It took a bit, but I finally deciphered his message:

Assuming I was still dreaming, I rolled over and tried to tune the man out. It got a bit annoying, though, and suddenly I wondered if I should, perhaps, get up and put my shoes on, just in case it was real. I crawled out of bed and stumbled into my flip flops (which, by the way, were black… and finding black flipflops in a dark room while you’re still half asleep is really hard). I headed for my door just as it busted open, and Jonathan grabbed me by the arm yelling, “let’s go!” It was then that I decided I must, in fact, be awake.

Everyone else was congregating in the entrance to the condo, and we burst out the door and to the stairwell… where we started down our 17 flights of stairs to the bottom. Down… down… down… the man’s voice still telling us to leave… down… and finally, we saw light at the end of the tunnel! Unfortunately, the light was actually the flashing red lights of a firetruck, but at least we were outside, and not going down steps anymore. We ran out, turned, and peered up at the building, searching for flames, earthquake damage, airplane parts, aliens… anything that would make running down 17 flights of stairs at 2:15 a.m. worthwhile.
And so, the seven of us made our way to the pool, where we claimed a row of lounge chairs and settled in to discuss whether or not we should have brought along some of our valuables. At least we’re not in the middle of a school semester or anything, I couldn’t help thinking. There’s nothing on my computer that would be a total crisis to lose.
We didn’t have the keys to our car in case we had to leave, most of us had no cell phone to call Pizza Hut should we get hungry, and neither Josh or Dad had shoes, should we have to run down the road to escape an alien invasion.
It really was a rather unfortunate situation.
Finally, we were cleared to re-enter the building. Only one catch: the elevators were still not working.
And so, we began climbing… back up 17 flights of stairs. Up, up, up… stumbling to our door, we were grateful to have finally arrived back at the room, where our wonderful beds were waiting.
Unfortunately, we could not get in. Our card key did not work, at all. It seems the battery on the door-unlocker-thingy was dead, which meant no re-entry for us weary travelers.
And so, back down the 17 flights of stairs went Dad and Caleb and Jonathan, in search of someone to help. Someone did come help… someone who came up, realized they did not have the correct equipment, went back down, and then returned, much to our delight.
And so, at 3:45-ish the adventure ended, and we went back to bed… no more fires or alien invasions happened that night, or any night since.

Thank goodness.


Our de-WISH-us lunch on Friday. I only post it because I think it was beautiful.

Dad takes vacation very, very seriously.

Dad chose to take a nap just as everyone else was ready to go to the beach. Not cool.

Porkchop night! Yummm.

Coffee tastes better when it comes out of a “Mom of the Year” mug.

Poker game.

Serious intensity.

A pile of Bannock. If you are a member of my family, you know that this represents vacation.

The serious boogie boarders- Jonathan and Caleb!

Fat Albert! When he comes around, it means the Blues are about to fly!

The whole gang.

Everybody together: ooooh! aaaah!



  1. I love it! I love it! I love it! Absolutely great pictures and of course…as always; the story was MOST entertaining! Thank Goodness the aliens didn’t get us! Whew!! =)

    P.S. I think we’ll both have to work 2 jobs if we want to get the house you picked out! LOL! 😀

    Love ya, Lace! ❤

  2. The story was most entertaining! I’m so glad there isn’t aliens at the beach because I really want to go soon! 🙂

  3. ooh, this was a real suspenseful story! So glad that you all made it thru it okay! Keep it up, Lacey, we all like your stories. . .

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