Oooh, say can you eat…

I like baking and cooking and such things… and spending a couple of weeks in Wilmore with my incredibly lovely and talented baker-friends, Kelsey and Elisa only made my baking bug bite harder.
Unfortunately, my baking has not been very appreciated in my house, simply because my mother and father have once again fallen into the diet-pit. Therefore, when a new baked good comes out of the oven, it is no longer met with “Oooohh! Apple cake! Can I have some while it’s hot?” but, “ANOTHER thing to make me fat? Lacey! It’s time for you to go back to school!”

I decided to make it up to Dad (who is my biggest un-fan right now) by making him something yummy and wonderful and non-fattening. Unfortunately, in the process of searching for a great weight-watchers friendly dessert, I came across a cake that was definitely not weight-watchers friendly… but oh, I had to make it! I had to had to had to make it! So, on the morning of July 3, I woke up, rolled up my sleeves and set to work…

2 layers of red velvet cake and 1 layer of white cake: (I made the red velvets from scratch, and used a cake mix for the white, using 4 egg whites instead of 3 whole eggs)

I used exactly 2 cups of batter for each layer to make sure they were somewhat uniform.
Then, I dyed some of the white cake batter blue. I emptied a big tin can (peaches, mmm) and cut out both the top and bottom and washed it. I put the tin can in the middle of the round cake pan, and put the blue batter around the outside, and white in the middle of one and red in the middle of the other. This took about 1/2 cup of batter inside the can, and the other 1 1/2 cups on the outside. You can lift the can right out of the batter and it stays in place to bake! It ends up looking like this:

Flag Cake, 7-4-10

Then, layer the cakes like this:
Blue with red
Blue with white

Flag Cake, 7-4-10

Flag Cake, 7-4-10

I used cream cheese frosting- yumm!!! I gave it a crumb coat, let it chill, then frosted it all the way. I finished it off by pouring red and blue food coloring into saucers, and dipping my handy dandy tin can and a star cookie cutter into it. I pressed them into the frosting to make my cake pretty.

Flag Cake, 7-4-10

And the inside had a nice surprise!!

Flag Cake, 7-4-10

Flag Cake, 7-4-10

(please stand for our national anthem…)
Did it taste good? We asked Kaden, and he rolled his eyes and said “Duh!”

Flag Cake, 7-4-10
The mixture of the dense red velvet and the fluffy white cake made a really, really good combination!!
And the leftover batter made a nice swirly red white and blue cake!

Flag Cake, 7-4-10

Hooray, cake! Especially flag cake.
I got the recipe/idea/instructions from this fantastic blog.



  1. You definitely do need to come back to school. We will never complain about baked things coming out of the oven.

  2. You can come bake for me anytime! That looks like a creation I would have tried several years ago! No time now. 🙂

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