Ichthus. On Thursday.

The way I see it, there are several levels of how familiar you can be with a band.

  • Level 1 is when someone says the name of a band, and you give them a blank look followed by, “who?”
  • Level 2 is when you can give that person a not-so-confident nod, more of a head bob, really, and say “oh yeah, I’ve heard of them.”
  • Level 3 is when you can give a slightly more confident nod, but you could not name any of their songs or albums.
  • Level 4 is when you can name a few songs, maybe an album, perhaps hum a few bars, but you could never (accurately) say what color the lead singer’s hair is.
  • Level 5 is when you can sing several songs, and make a fair decision over whether or not you like or dislike their music.
  • Level 6 is when you know most of their music, own several albums, and know the names of the band members.
  • Level 7 is when you know all of their music, own all of their albums, know the names and full bios of the band members, have seen them in concert multiple times, and get extremely excited when they are mentioned. The other side of Level 7, of course, is when you get nauseated at the sound of their music, want to throw up when you hear the name of the lead singer, and would rather live underground for a week than go to a concert.

Of course, there are variations on this scale… for instance, you could be a level 5.8 fan of a band, or a level 1.3. Whatever suits you best.

I got to direct for a band called DecembeRadio yesterday morning… I was a level 2 fan. I knew nothing about them. I had heard their name a few times. I looked them up online about four hours before I was to direct their show… and they were not what I expected. They were very good, but had much more of a “rocky flavor.”
It was incredible amounts of fun to direct, though!
I do not do well directing with a script. When I have a script in my hand that says what will happen next, and what camera I need to take at that moment, I wig out. I don’t know why… logic would say, if it’s preplanned, it’s simple. But my mind just starts jumping all over the place and I can’t focus and I get behind then it throws the whole thing off. With no script… I get to simply watch the screens and yell for whatever looks good to come up on the screen. It’s great fun. And, my prof told me that I am a rock-and-roll director (lol). Coming from a man who adores the Beatles and had us watch the Eagles farewell tour in class to observe the directing style, it made me feel pretty good. πŸ™‚

Thousand Foot Krutch was there, too! And I actually got to take pictures of them.

Then there was Relient K… who I consider the epitome of my musical preferences about six years ago. I set up the point of view cameras for them… the cameras on stage. This means I really only have a job before and after the concert, and during it I was free to take pictures. πŸ™‚ I loved Relient K back in the day… back when they still had Dave and Brian. They’re still good… just, not the same. It was fun to see them, though. And Matt Thiessen walked up to some people in our group and asked if Chic-fil-A took credit cards. haha.

And then… there was Switchfoot. And that is when I got extremely excited. I love Switchfoot. I love Jon Foreman. I love him mostly as a solo artist, but I really really love him in Switchfoot, too. Great stuff.

Yay, Ichthus!


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