Ichthus. On Wednesday.

I realized that I’m getting old when Toby Mac walked past me and I didn’t immediately realize who he was, because he looked so much more… mature… than he used to. So sad. It explains the lack of backflips and things that used to happen on stage at every concert. Also, he talked a lot more about Jesus at this show than he has at any other one I’ve been to. I don’t know if it’s because the Ichthus Powers That Be told him he had to, or if he simply felt like he had more to share this time, or if it has something to do with getting older and wiser. I don’t really care what it is… I like it, though. It was a pretty decent show.

I climbed up on our jib platform to take pictures. It put me farther away from the stage than if I was down within the security fencing, but I was higher up and more level with the stage.

Standing up on the jib platform, I was surrounded by the sort of screaming fans you hear about in stories… but a lot of them were fourteen year old girls who took it upon themselves to shriek loudly enough so the whole world knew they “LOVE TOBYYYYYY!” Argh. Toby did a really really good job of directing all of the screaming and shouting upward – to the reason we were really all there. It made me think about concerts… most of the concerts I’ve been to have been festivals or tours with the same sort of purpose as Ichthus. There are thousands of people, at times every single hand is raised, everyone is looking up, and it’s a mass of people just worshiping God. So cool! And then I thought about secular concerts… what is their point? People come together to… admire the lead singer? Drool over the bassist? As my very wise Papaw used to say, “they put their pants on the same way I do!” It seems kind of pointless. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

The Newsboys played before Toby Mac… with their new-ish lead singer, Michael Tait. Please understand, I LOVE Tait’s voice, and I adore oldschool Newsobys. But, notice I said oldschool Newsboys. They’re just not the same anymore. They played some of the oldies and goodies, though, which was thrilling. They also extended the stage thrust, to make a walkway all the way out into the crowd. They had a partial drum set and keyboard out there, so they literally took the show with them for a while. That was pretty cool. It was neat to see them out in the middle of all the people, singing Amazing Love, with the cross in the background.

Matthew West and Jeremy Willet also performed, and Bob Lenz spoke, but I have no pictures because I was Technical Director during those times. Great fun, but a little scary since I started the show off. Today has a LOT more bands, and I jump through about four different positions, so I’m quite excited. I get to end the night by being Point of View camera utility for Relient K and Switchfoot… the two bands that got me hooked on music when I was 12 (along with dc talk, of course. 🙂

Yay, Ichthus!

Here are my two slightly amusing stories from the night (you know you wanna hear/read them!)
Story number one: I was standing near our truck, about an hour before everything started, basically just waiting for something to do, when I look over and, right next to our truck, is a man. A man who looked very familiar. I couldn’t figure out how I knew him, but I KNEW I recognized him from somewhere! I immediately started making an inventory of every way I could possibly know him… from school? Was he in some of my classes? Maybe he went to Vineyard… he looked to0 old to still be in school. Then, just as he was leaving I realized it was Michael Tait! Apparently I had been in the sun too long.

Story number two: Troy is my new friend… he is in charge of the fencing and stuff that goes around the stage to make sure people can’t get too close. He and his team have been having fits over our camera platforms, and yesterday he gave me a very hard time about the one platform, because I happened to be ON it just as he was fencing around it (it’s all in good fun, of course… he’s a very nice man). I was standing next to him while he was filling up a water cooler, and told him my story about seeing Tait and not realizing who he was. Then he said, “oh, here is the funniest thing that’s happened yet!” Apparently, about an hour before, a van pulled up to the backstage gate… inside was a man with no credentials or wristbands or anything. The guard asked, “where are you trying to go?” and the man said, “I’m Toby Mac!”
“No, you’re not! Toby Mac would have credentials!”
“Really… I’m Toby Mac!”
The guard, confused, did the only thing he knew to do. “Okay. Rap for me!”
And so, Toby Mac had to rap for the guard to prove that he was, in fact, himself.

After Troy finished telling me this story, another girl who was standing there and heard it felt the need to tell a friend of hers. He walks over, and she starts off the story by saying “So, Toby Mac-”
We all looked over… and guess who had just walked up, on his way to the stage? Yes, Toby Mac.
It was a very awkward moment as we stood there for a second, trying to register the fact that it was him, and that he had just caught us talking about him. He laughed at us, turned, and ran up the steps to the stage… where, I assume, he was allowed in with no problem.


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